ALFI brand - Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks, Bamboo Farm Sinks, Wooden Bathtubs, LED Rain Shower Heads...

2015 Pricelist (PDF)

ALFI brand 2010 Pricelist
The FireHotTub
ALFI brand FireHotTub
Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks
AB537 AB512
ALFI brand AB503 ALFI brand AB509 ALFI brand AB537 ALFI brand AB512
Farm Sinks Available in White or Biscuit AB505


AB538 AB5123
EAGO Toilet TB222 ALFI brand AB505 ALFI brand AB510 ALFI brand AB538 ALFI brand AB5123


ALFI brand ABUMSB ALFI brand AB506 ALFI brand AB511 ALFI brand AB539 ALFI brand AB4019
ABST35 AB2418 AB3018DECO AB3018 AB3021
ALFI brand ABST35 ALFI brand AB2418 ALFI brand AB3018DECO ALFI brand AB3018 Bamboo Farm Sink AB3020
  AB3618 AB3618DECO AB3318 AB3321
  ALFI brand AB3618 ALFI brand AB3618DECO ALFI brand AB3318 Bamboo Farm Sink AB3320
Fireclay Prep Sinks Stainless Steel Grids
AB1818R AB1818S GR512 Left & Right GR510 GR538
ALFI brand AB1818R ALFI brand AB1818S ALFI brand GR512 ALFI brand GR510 ALFI brand GR538
  Porcelain Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks
  AB101 AB102 AB103 AB104
These small wall mounted ceramic basins are made to fit where other sinks simply do not. Simple and sleek designs for any small bath or powder room. ALFI brand AB101 ALFI brand AB102 ALFI brand AB103 ALFI brand AB104
AB105 AB106 AB107 AB108
ALFI brand AB105 ALFI brand AB106 ALFI brand AB107 ALFI brand AB108
  Solid Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets
  AB2023 AB2025 AB2028 AB2034

LEON Faucets

LEON solid stainless steel kitchen faucets offer a modern design made of the best possible materials to last for a very long time. Available in Brushed or Polished stainless steel finish.

ALFI brand AB2023 ALFI brand AB2025 ALFI brand AB2028 ALFI brand AB2034
AB2039S AB2039 AB2013 AB2032
ALFI brand AB2039S ALFI brand AB2039 ALFI brand AB2013 ALFI brand AB2032
AB2040 AB2038 AB5004 AB5008
ALFI brand AB2040 ALFI brand AB2038 ALFI brand AB5004 ALFI brand AB5008
  Solid Oak & Cedar Wood Bathtubs
  AB1136 AB1105 AB1148 AB1163
Turn any bathroom into an eye catching spectacular with a high end wooden tub. The perfect addition to any log style cabin or winter home. Nothing feels better than crawling into a tub made of wood and filled with steaming hot water. Just lay back and relax, you're in a classic wooden tub. Wooden Bath Tub AB1136 Wooden Bathtub AB1105 Wooden Bathtub AB1148 Wooden Bathtub AB1163
  AB6604 AB4408 AB4401
  AB6604 AB4408 AB4401
LED Rain Shower Heads
LED5002 LED5005 LED5007 LED5011 LED5014

ALFI brand LED5002

ALFI brand LED5006 ALFI brand LED5006 ALFI brand LED5011 ALFI brand LED5011
LED5001 LED5006 LED5008 LED5012 LED5015
ALFI brand LED5001 ALFI brand LED5005 ALFI brand LED5008 ALFI brand LED5012 ALFI brand LED5015

Solid Stainless Steel Ultra Thin Rain Shower Heads

These rain shower heads are made of solid stainless steel and available in Brushed or Polished finishes. They are all ultra thin measuring only 2mm thick, offering an ultra modern design for your next shower. ALFI brand RAIN8R ALFI brand RAIN12R ALFI brand RAIN16R  
ALFI brand RAIN8S ALFI brand RAIN12S ALFI brand RAIN16S  
  ALFI brand AB16SW ALFI brand AB16RW ALFI brand AB8RC ALFI brand AB8SC
  ALFI brand AB36DO-GO ALFI brand AB36DO-DW ALFI brand AB36DR-GO ALFI brand AB36DR-DW

ALFI brand is a family owned business that is passionate about helping individuals transform their kitchen and bath.
We are dedicated to manufacturing innovative unique products that are both beautiful and functional. We offer a
diverse selection of kitchen and bath products that won't be found elsewhere, with an emphasis on quality and
distinctive designs that will still fit your budget.

Our fireclay sinks are imported from Israel and Italy and are manufactured in state of the art facilities that maintain
high environmental standards. This provides you with peace of mind, knowing that the products you purchase from
us are crafted from eco-friendly materials and with as little environmental impact as possible. Each fireclay sink is
constructed from 100% white clay and glazed with a thick coat to insure durability and long lasting shine. We also
offer matching stainless steel grids and strainers to accompany our sinks.

We offer an exclusive line of 100% solid stainless steel kitchen faucets. These modern faucets are built tough and
made to last, featuring high end ceramic disc cartridges encased in a solid stainless steel body.

Our selection of sinks and faucets makes ALFI brand a one stop shop for your kitchen needs!

Our bathroom collection includes one of a kind LED rain shower heads in a variety of shapes and sizes, in addition to
oak and cedar wooden bathtubs that will provide an eye catching twist to any bathroom design. Of course, we can't
forget our porcelain wall mounted bathroom sinks, catered for small or large bathrooms and built to withstand the
demands of your busy lifestyle.

ALFI brand is your number one source for high end quality sinks and faucets at affordable prices.

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